Bodyweight Workouts – Why they are so good for you

Here are some great benefits for using your body only when working out: Strength You can build incredible strength with bodyweight exercises. But please keep in mind the rule of specificity. There’s a difference between getting strong on the powerlifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) and being able to perform advanced bodyweight exercises such as pistols and handstand push-ups. The term “strength” is relative and we must keep things in context. There’s no arguing that an individual who can perform advanced yoga holds, one arm push-ups, pistols, handstand push-ups, and other advanced bodyweight exercises is strong. Building strength with bodyweight exercises is a huge plus for trainees who can’t perform heavy barbell lifts, whether it’s due to a lack of equipment or, due to an injury. Bodyweight workouts allow many people to get strong, stay motivated (which is important), and even give the physique nice definition with lean muscle mass and less fat. Sculpt Muscle While a beginner can certainly make progress and build muscle with just bodyweight squats, dips and push-ups, they will eventually stop making progress. After all, you can only perform so many squats and push-ups before you’re doing a zillion reps, or you give up from boredom. That’s why you must focus on progression with bodyweight workouts. You must challenge yourself to perform more difficult variations to improve your performance. For example, if you can perform flawless sets of traditional squats, you must challenge yourself to perform a more difficult variation e.g. Squats, Jump Squats, Tuck Jumps, Pistol Squats. Bottom line – progression and using advance variations is how you create and sculpt muscle with bodyweight exercises. Neglect this rule and you won’t get results. Mentally Challenging As mentioned above, if you never progress beyond the standard bodyweight exercises, you will get bored and not make any progress with your physique or strength. You need to follow a program with planned progressions so you stay motivated to workout and to keep challenging your body and mind. Also using different strength training techniques like rest/pause, timed sets, tempo manipulation and 1.5 or pulse reps come in handy to bust those plateaus. That’s the solution: use different techniques to provide a challenge and change of pace. Awesome Physique First, let me get this out of the way: There’s no optimal piece of equipment or holy grail of building an amazing body. I’m not going to say “OMG, bodyweight workouts are the greatest and best way to build the body of your dreams!” But I will say bodyweight-only training is awesome and provides many unique benefits such as: you don’t need equipment, the ability to workout any time and anywhere, and it’s also a great way to overcome nagging aches and pains that develop from traditional weight lifting. However that been said, equipment such as T Bar, dumbbells, kettlebells and sandbags are fantastic alternative pieces of equipment to traditional weight lifting vices. You can build a great body with any of those tools and combinations thereof. But, if you want a new challenge and the ability to workout any time and anywhere then I would say that bodyweight workouts are one of the best No Excuses way to do so. If all you need is your bodyweight, you don’t have any excuse not to workout because you can do them anywhere. Here is a bodyweight workout idea and a advanced ab progression workout to get the ball rolling: Reptile, Lunge and In/Out 2 minute Challenge 20 Lunge back knee up on both legs 20 Reptile Runs L+R=1 20 In and Outs Advanced Progression Ab Workout 2 minute Headstand Abs It is a slow process do not make it slower by quitting... 30 seconds Headstand Narrow Leg Raise 10 Seconds Headstand 30 Seconds Headstand Wide Leg Raise 10 Seconds Headstand 30 Seconds Headstand Mt Climbers 10 Seconds Headstand 30 Seconds Headstand Half Isometric Hold  

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