Bones Are For Dogs?

At the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, 21-year-old model Cassi Van Den Dungen’s appearance ignited a “weighty debate” about her size. Many people were outraged by her bony body, calling her out for being too skinny and anorexic. She posted this photo on Instagram in response to comments about her tiny frame: cassibones2 This was later followed by plenty of photos of her meals, directed at those who accused her of being anorexic. cassidinner It’s true, the double standard does exist, skinny stereotyping is just as hurtful as fat phobia – both are forms of body negativity that are harmful to any and all women of any size. To me, she does look quite thin, but as long as she is healthy, then what business is it of mine, or anyone else’s for that matter? She is not promoting herself as the ideal body weight, she’s not saying that everyone should look like her, she’s just saying that this is what she looks like, so people need to deal with it.

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