Diet Challenge - Day #5

BodyRock Diet Challenge: 

.My Workout Today:

Day #5 - BodyRock BootCamp Workout Completed - Here


My One Ingredient Meals Today:

*Note* - The meals I post everyday are just a snippet of my daily intake. This is not a menu to follow but examples of the meals I eat on a daily basis - I have given you the ingredients to try to follow & examples of meals I eat everyday. Try to find a few staple favourites that suit your life & stick to it.

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2x Poached Egg Omelette & Apple & Spinach Salad & Avocado

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Lunch & Dinner:

3 x Prepped Salads as we were filming, Kale, Spinach, Mushroom, Tomato, Corn, Peas, Mixed Beans & Lentils. Olive Oil Dressing


..Late Snack:

2x Scrambled Eggs Whites & Avocado & Tomato




Coffee with Skimmed Milk





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Find a list of the other foods you could use - Here

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