'Bootiful' Buns of Steel

For anyone who has ever competed in Figure, Bikini or straight-up bodybuilding, you will be familiar with the head judge’s call: ‘back double biceps’. And you know, that it is never just about the biceps either…this pose also includes displaying a tight and toned butt. So, fitness chicas, if you want a body that is indeed ‘bootilicious’, you’re going to have in invest in these exercises at least twice a week. And there are plenty more where they came from.

Do not be afraid to lift as heavy as you can. The gluteus muscles can be a stubborn set, and slow to react to resistance training. So you gotta apply an overload that is going to shock them into behaving like you want them to….Check it out. A training partner, while optional, is great if you have one.

Deep Squat w/Barbell.

(Modify – using a sandbag, in the front squat, or for beginners, no weight at all. If you have a training partner, allow them to ‘spot’ you when using a heavier weight.)

Seated position Dead Lift w/Barbell

Incline Prone Dbl Leg Lift

Glute Extension (Straight Leg, Bent Leg)

Barbell Bridge

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4 sets of 12 repetitions on each exercise is all we're going to do. Exhale on the effort.

Perform each exercise using the correct posture, positioning, and breathing. No cheating. Give it 100%. Quick note:  the first exercise must not be attempted if you have a knee injury or limited range of movement in this area. And have a physician check-up before undergoing any workout regime.

Finish up with a cool-down and stretch.

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