Booty bootcamp for your backside

Here's an HIIT full body workout that focuses on your backside. I love doing my workouts outdoors so I took the workout to Cathedral Park in Portland, OR. You'll need a toner band, kettle bell, timer and ledge/steps. Remember to really focus on the area you are trying to strengthen. Add weights to appropriate exercise to add more of a challenge. Enjoy, I hope your booty likes it!

Set your timer for

50 seconds work 10 seconds rest. Do each exercise for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest. You repeat each round twice, before you move on to the next.

There are 5 rounds, each 6 minutes long.

round one:

Band Step outs

Band Rows

Band Low Lateral Squats


round two:

Dragon Lunges right

Dragon Lunges left

Modified Ninja tuck jumps


round three:

Right leg Hip Thrusts

Left leg Hip Thrusts

Alternating Bench Step ups


round 4:

Burpees with pushup

Alternating Side lunges

Kettle bell Swings


round five:

Right Lateral Cross steps

Left Lateral Cross steps

Jump Squat steps


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