Booty Busting Series--Best Exercises to Build that Butt #2: Wide and High Squats

Instead of doing the classic squat, it's time to change up the angle in order to focus on your glutes. While regular squats do work out your glutes a bit, you want to pay special attention to your hamstrings and gluteal muscles in order to develop that rockin' booty! Thanks to this exercise, you can place more emphasis on the glutes while still shredding your quads. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="738"] Source:[/caption]

Wide and High Squats

You'll need a squat machine for this exercise, or the Smith machine will do. Use an elevated platform beneath your feet to add height to your squats. Stand with the weight resting on your back (Back Squats), and spread your feet a few inches beyond should width apart. Slowly drop into the squat, and go as deep as you can without straining your knees. With your feet on the platform, you'll be able to dip lower into your squat. You'll feel the burn in your glutes thanks to your feet spread wide, and you'll pay your booty the attention it needs.  

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