Booty Busting Series--Best Exercises to Build that Butt #9: Dumbbell Side Lunge

The side lunge is an excellent alternative to regular lunges, particularly for those who have weak knees. There is far less pressure on the front of the knees, so it's much easier to push back up without feeling the ache in your legs. Of course, just because it's easier on your joints doesn't mean it's a breeze for your muscles! Your legs are going to have to work hard, and you'll find that the lateral movement will help to give your booty a bit of extra width as well as definition. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source:[/caption]

Dumbbell Side Lunges

Stand with your feet together, your back straight, head high, and with a dumbbell gripped in each hand. Step out to the side with your right foot, and as you plant the foot on the floor, dip down into the lunge. The dumbbells will hang down between your feet, but make sure to keep your back straight as you lower yourself. Your thigh may not be perfectly parallel to the floor when you start to push up, but try to dip as low into the lunge as possible.  

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