Booty Work! Bulgarian Split Squat Deadlift

Ah the booty! Every one wants a great one... not too big, not too small, cellulite free- I think we can all agree on this! For years I had no idea that it was possible to build a great butt. I thought you either had one or you did'nt. Of course genes come into play somewhat. Regaurdless, it is entirely possible to change the appearance and shape of your butt! I had always done squats, but it was'nt until I started educating myself and focusing on muscle building that I found there are many different ways to build, shape and tone your assets ;). I want to share my favorite and most effective booty lifting and building exercise. It targets your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It is effecting your butt, and everything around your butt to give you maximum results! Hamstrings-glute-2 This sounds crazy, but building my glutes has really given me more self-confidence. I think that comes with building muscle in general, but for me, glutes in particular. So, I am blessed with a best friend that is basically my twin. photo[2]5 She is my go-to when I am going through hardships, my workout buddy, and so much more. (If you don't have a workout buddy I highly recommend it. They keep you motivated, and make it way more fun.) She happens to have the same "problem" as I do. You guessed it! Big booty syndrome. So the other day I introduced this exercise to her and we did it together. Needless to say, we are avoiding stairs right now at all costs. ( If you were wondering about the first picture, that is us trying to see who has the bigger booty... Yes, that happened. )   The Bulgarian Split Squat Deadlift I am sure most of you are familiar with split squats, but have you ever added a deadlift to it? It completely changes the entire exercise. It is incredibly challenging and effective. I will start making videos soon, but for now I snapped a couple silly shots to try and show you the movements. This is something you can do at home to compliment your Daily Hiit! Needed:
  • 2 heavier dumbbells (I use 20lbs) or a kettlebell. (choose a weight that is some-what challenging for you, but not beyonf what you are used to)
  • A bucket, a chair, your window sill, whatever you have at home that is around two feet tall
  When I can make it to the gym I use a bench, but I wanted to show you that you can really do this exercise anywhere.   1. Start by placing your left leg on the bench behind you. Keep your right leg aligned with your hips.   New Image   2. While holding your dumbbells or kettlebell squat down with your right leg being sure that your knee does not go beyond your ankle.   Split-Squat 3. Come back up to your standing position. New Image 4. Bend forward slow and controlled, keeping your right knee slightly bent, touch your weights to the ground. 5. Come back up to your standing position, slow and controlled.   photo[1] ghjnd That is one rep. Do 8 reps, then switch legs. Try and completely 3 sets!

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