Boozy Night Out? No Worries, Mate!

Who doesn't love a good night out on the town? The weekends are the time to kick back and enjoy a dozen or so well-earned alcoholic drinks, but oh how sorry you feel come Saturday morning when it's time to get up. To avoid getting hungover and dehydrated, try:
  • Pre-gaming with water -- Instead of boozing up before you hit the town, drink a liter or so of water. You'll pee like a racehorse, but you won't worry about dehydration.
  • Go club soda -- Stick with drinks that contain soda water or bubbly water, as it cuts down alcohol intake while adding some water to your night.
  • Blend it up --Instead of hitting the hard stuff, go for blended cocktails/booze smoothies. They've got plenty of juice and fruit to keep dehydration away.
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  • Go one and one -- Have a hard drink, take a drink of water. Once again, you'll spend more time in the WC than at the bar, but you'll stay hydrated.
  • Try light --  Light beer may not be the drink of manly men, but it's the drink of the man who has to get up and exercise or work the next day.
  • Add some munchies --  Olives, celery sticks, carrot sticks, grapes, and pretty much every fresh fruit and veggie snack on the planet will give you some much-needed hydration--a  much better choice than salty, water-stealing snacks!
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