Bottled Water is as Fattening as Soda

“Bottled water is as fattening as sugary soda.” But how can bottled water be fattening if it contains 0 calories, and no ingredients except water? The problem lies in the PLASTIC bottle itself.

You see, plastic bottles leach a chemical called Bisphenol A —or BPA— in the liquid it contains. In the last years, BPA has been identified as a toxin that can mimic your estrogen. What happens when this plastic enters your body is that it stimulates your estrogen production in an artificial way.

plastic water bottles


• Low testosterone levels (in men, but also women which also need it) • Fat gain and increased size of your fat cells • Excessive menopausal symptoms for women over 40 • Water retention • Bloating • The longer your water bottle is exposed to sun, manipulation and air, the more BPA leaches into your water Keep that in mind when you realize that bottled water wasn't bottled last week. It was bottled months ago. If you're drinking Evian, that's shipped from France. I'll let you think about how long that was bottled.

... But that’s not the worst part

Now that BPA has been identified as a problematic chemical, many manufacturers now offer BPA-free plastics. The “funny” thing is... in those BPA-free bottles, BPA has been replaced by Bisphenol S —or BPS— which basically shows the same Estrogenic Activity.

In other words, no plastic is completely safe for use, and can potentially affect your estrogen hormone and slow your weight loss down.


• Use a stainless steel or glass bottle instead of plastic • Use glass or stainless steel containers to store food • Remove plastic from your kitchen as much as possible

FYI : This information isn’t meant to “scare” you. It’s meant to educate you so you know what to do, if you decide to make a change in your lifestyle —or if you know someone who needs help. Please always feel free to pass it on to help others!

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