Hi BodyRockers! If you want to tone your entire upper body, rev up your metabolism, and trim your waistline, give this workout a try! No, we are not getting ready to get in the ring, but we are getting ready to hit the beach with confidence and what better way than with some boxing! Shadow boxing, that is. This workout combines punching combinations with some core and abdominal exercises. The key with this routine is that you punch fast, all out, if you can, after you get the sequence down. You will repeat this workout 3 times. It is 10 exercises, 30 seconds of work, and 10 seconds of rest. I suggest you go at a comfortable pace in the first round, a little faster in the second round, and go hard in round 3. If you find it simple, go all out each round. One thing to remember is to not over extend your reach when punching. I explain this in the video. THE WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: Set your GymBoss timer for 10 rounds. 30 seconds on. 10 seconds off.
  1. Torso twists - start slow and try and anchor your lower body.
  2. Jab Cross - Left side- Continuously punch 95% reach.
  3. Outside Bicycle abs
  4. Jab Cross- Right side
  5. Heel Lifts
  6. Jab/upper cut/hook/jab - left side - continuous
  7. Knee raises to nose
  8. Jab/upper cut/hook/jab - right side
  9. Scissor kicks
  10. 4 straight punches + 3 feet shuffles - alternating right left leads.
Have fun with this workout!   [embed][/embed]    

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