Why Your Boyfriend Is, And Why Any Man Would Be, F*cking Lucky to Have You

I used to view the dating world from a very self-conscious perspective. When I was younger, I felt like having a boyfriend was some sort of self assurance for me. "I'm a normal person, a guy will want to date me. I've managed to attract another human, this validates my existence for another day." Plodding along on that sort of deprecating path, I found myself to be very forgiving in relationships. "It's alright that he hasn't texted me all night, because at least I have him. Oh, it's fine that he canceled our plans last minute at least he's my neanderthal." Looking back I can't but help wonder, "what the f*ck". It takes a lot of soul searching to realize one's self worth. In fact, it may be the journey of a life time for some. For me it was 5 years. From the day I entered the dating scene to the day I felt healthy enough, strong enough to enter a good relationship. I went from feeling as I mentioned above, unworthy and clinging to whatever pieces of a relationship I could grab, to feeling fully confident in who I am. Here's the deal, men love women. They really do. They love the way we smile and laugh, the way we dance and how messy our hair is in the morning. Men see us walking down the street and think, "Wow, what I wouldn't give to have her." They view us as these enigmatic little beams of light that bring joy to their lives, and they feel lucky to have us. And if they don't, if for some strange reason they like looking at a screen more than your eyes, than they don't deserve you. If they don't listen to you, or make an effort to make you feel on top of the world, or remind you how much epic value you bring to this planet, than f*ck them. You shouldn't spend a second of your life in a relationship where you don't feel happy 85% of the time. Even if you're just lying together in bed on a lazy Sunday, sleepy eyed, sipping coffee and just appreciating each other for who you are. A relationship should never squash your spirit, shrink your personality or crush your happiness. It should enhance it. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and never, ever be afraid of losing someone over that. It is a journey, as I have said. But the sooner you realize what value you bring to a relationship, the sooner your man will start realizing how f*cking lucky he really is. Share your relationship advice and thoughts in a comment.  

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