How Bradley Cooper Got SUPER Ripped For American Sniper

Bradley Cooper doesn't hold back when committing to a role. The actor worked hard to get in shape to play real-life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, in the Clint Eastwood-directed American Sniper; which has now nabbed six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and a Best Actor nod for Cooper. PEOPLE caught up with writer-producer Jason Hall for the inside scoop on how Cooper trained to become Chris Kyle, widely regarded as the deadliest sniper in American history. In order to bulk up 40-plus lbs., Cooper "had a strict, crazy diet," Hall says. "He was eating about every 55 minutes or something like that, and I want to say it was about 8,000 calories a day." "Bradley used his own trainer, who was busting on him. I think he was working out four hours a day for several months," adds Hall of Cooper's fitness regimen. "He was determined to do it naturally, he didn't want to use any hormones or steroids or anything. He was just very systematic about it and took his trainer with him wherever he went." 43c514bc-a829-4dfb-8c93-994aa8876f89 Along with the massive intake of food and intense workouts, Hall revealed that Cooper's preparation also included twice-daily lessons with a vocal coach, as well as several hours spent watching footage of Kyle, whom he studied "over and over again." When it came to actually pointing a rifle, the actor trained with Navy SEAL sniper Kevin Lacz, who served with Kyle (who was killed by a fellow veteran in 2013) and was a consultant on the movie. "He actually proved himself to be really good," Hall says. "The second day, in the morning, he went out there and was consistently hitting 800-yard targets the size of a teacup. So he took to it pretty quickly." But the real feat proved to be the way Cooper brought Kyle "back to life," Hall says. [caption id="attachment_67732" align="alignnone" width="645"]Source: Keith Bernstein/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Source: Keith Bernstein/Courtesy of Warner Bros.[/caption] "He managed to find this essence of Chris Kyle," Hall explains. "This almost spiritual mentality of the man and what drove him. There were moments where they'd get him at a certain angle and you just felt Chris, you felt the essence of Chris. Standing behind the monitors, I'd just get goose bumps rushing up my legs." What do you think BodyRocker's? Cooper's dedication and transformation was truly amazing--do you think it's an inspiration? Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts! H/T:  

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