Why This Brave Woman Stripped Down In Public To Make A Difference! (Video)

Jae West took to the bustling streets of London with an important message. In order to deliver it, she took off her dress and stood, blindfolded, in her bra and underwear. She held markers in her hand and waited for strangers to approach. People began to draw near, reading the sign Jae had put up in front of her. It read: 'I'm standing here for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or self esteem issue like me...to support self acceptance draw a heart on my body.' self-acceptance As the minutes passed, Jae wondered if she had made a mistake. Standing in the middle of this busy shopping street, completely exposing herself and her insecurities was frightening. But suddenly, she felt someone take a marker from her grasp and draw the first heart. Soon more passersby stopped to draw and congratulate her on her bold statement. All of the torturous thoughts her conscious has thrown at her were lifted, and Jae knew her mission was being accomplished. Watch the amazing viral video below to see how Jae brought her message to the world. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJFrHwBtfJw[/embed] Share your thoughts on this story with us! Would you ever strip down for a cause you believe in? Do you think her statement brought change to others? Source: Pop Sugar  

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