Break Your Bad Habit: 6 Relationship Habits Tearing You Apart

The truth is, successful relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies. As Maroon 5 once said, "It's compromise that moves us along." Ok but seriously, a positive, supportive and fair relationship takes work and effort from both sides. It can be easy to get caught up in what our partner is doing to us that makes us mad, but we often do not reflect on our own bad habits. Here are 6 habits you need to stop doing: couple #1 Constantly trying to improve your man Yes, you should tell him from time to time when he needs to put his clothes in the hamper and not throw them haphazardly on the floor. No, you shouldn't try to radically change his inner issues such as anxiety because you want him to check your boxes off the list of being the perfect guy. Instead, be there for him. Create an open dialogue where he feels comfortable expressing his issues to you, and you can work through them together. #2 Avoiding fighting It is unpleasant for some people to fight with their partners. Disagreements happen, and it is healthy to express your feelings to each other. Big altercations can be scary, but if you're not a fighter, chances are they won't be all that bad. You will feel an emotional release once you've been able to say your piece. And the best part about healthy arguments? Make up sex ;) #3 Keeping score This is a trap a lot of women fall into. The idea of keeping score of who has done what, and who owes who this... If you go out for a fun dinner, as much as it pains you, don't bring up who should get the bill because you got it last time and he owes you for doing the laundry. Living in the moment and appreciating your partner, the food, and the laughs you're sharing is honestly all that matters in the long run. #4 Doing everything together Many couples are inseparable. And while that connectivity might provide security, it can lead to problems. You should be able to have a night out with your girlfriends and feel comfortable on your own. Likewise, your man should be able to grab a drink and watch the game with his guy friends without constant texts or calls from you. Having trust in each other is essential for a healthy companionship. If one side is lacking that trust, you need to talk about it. #5 Jealousy  Jealousy stems from something bigger called "relationship insecurity". This occurs when one partner is feeling as though the other will one day leave them for someone else. This constant feeling can lead you to snoop around in his contacts and sneak into his social media accounts. It can cause high stress and health issues. Try taking a complete technology break for a while and reconnect with each other. Schedule a weekend away or a day at the spa to relax and rediscover your spark. #6 Forgetting to forgive Holding on to grudges for way too long is another health damaging habit. Open your heart and forgive. It is a great release of tension and is vital to building a strong, lasting relationship. Got any tips for us for strong relationships? What are some of these habits you struggle with? Let us know in a comment!

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