How to Break Bad Habits

We all have habits that we know aren’t in our best interest but boy are they hard to let go of! In order for you to pick up some new healthy habits, you have to take what we learn into practice and reprogram your brain for success! It would be too much if you tried to change everything all at once, so just choose a few healthier habits and test drive them by incorporating them into your daily routine. You may find that you meet a considerable amount of resistance to change but that is completely normal. In order to grow we need to step outside our comfort zone! Remember to notice how you feel afterwards to discern whether or not that practice is a good fit for you or not. ao7-vbfU3o62fXEVtGn0q1FKf-UXqDmsfSPlhftzJls Here is what to remember, when it comes to breaking old patterns and creating new healthy habits:
  • Habits are not broken they are replaced. Choose healthy, positive ones, you have the choice.
  • Your taste buds today are based on what you ate yesterday, they change and eventually you will learn to like natural foods.
  • Its best to make changes gradually and take baby steps, while one massive shift overnight may work for some people, its too much too soon for most.
  • Work with the ‘crowding out’ approach, slowly incorporate more ‘good food’ to crowd out the ‘bad’.
  • Remember that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so if you can stick with your new behaviour that long its more likely to stick.
  • Visualize yourself, happy and healthy after you have adapted the new habits, how do you feel? What is your life like?
  • Remind yourself that nothing in life is perfect, so neither you or your food/routine needs to be either. Just do the best you can and don’t beat yourself up about it.

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