Break Out of Body Negativity and Love The Summer Skin You're In!

Nothing brings down your summer excitement quite like insecurity over your choice of swimsuit. Clicking through Pinterest and WeHeartIt to check out the latest in bathing suit trends has me nervous about getting into a skimpy 'kini and revealing some dreaded belly pudge or thigh jiggle. Years ago, all it took was one badly angled picture taken of me at the beach to send me into permanent cover-up mode for the rest of the summer. But that really shouldn't be how women react to their bodies. While living healthy is important, health doesn't equal the lack of a little cellulite pucker around your butt or the absence of that "mum tum" you just can't quite shed. So this summer, I challenge you to take to the beach fearless! Wear the suit you feel the best in, not what you think others will approve of! Being a woman is something that should be embraced no matter your self defined "flaws". Here are some things to remember to breaking down those confidence-shaking barriers:
  • Focus on what you love about your body, and find a suit that accentuates it!
  • Walk the beach with confidence, it's way better then a cover up!
  • Realize that most girls walking the beach are worried about their butt/boobs/tummy/thighs just as much as you are. So don't stress and soak up the sun!
Share your confidence boosting tips with us! Show us a fearless selfie of you in your summer swim suit!  

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