That Break You Need

The  One of the most wonderful and most stressful times of the year.  Its funny because we choose to make both of those a reality during the month of December.  For me, 2014 is set to become an incredibly busy and stressful year...not something that makes me want to be over with December in any hurry.

But in all the hustle and bustle we forget to take time to just slow down and enjoy the life we are given.  I'm reminded of it constantly when my husband gets home and fawns over our daughter because she's doing something hilarious...and I, who was with her all day, feel awful because I didn't take such interest in her during the day.  It's rough.

Some of the best advice I received, prior to becoming a mom, was to take time out for myself just to be quiet.  To be an adult, a woman, for a couple hours.  To be honest it doesn't just hold true for moms.  It's true for the holidays...even if it's just sitting down in the quiet of the house with a cup of coffee or tea and reminiscing on the year and planning your goals for the next one.

Sometimes taking a break means one from fitness too.  So often we put all we have into a goal and it will get to the point where we are so burnt out we are actively looking for excuses to quit.  When that need a break.  You need a breather to get your head back on straight.

Life isn't about going full boar every single day.  You know what they call those people?  Workaholics.  And they get burnt out really fast.  So if you can manage it...take a day or a weekend and go on a drive, teach your partner/spouse/sister/friend something new (ice skating for my husband), treat yourself to a new something you love to do for you.

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