Breaking Up 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Breaking Up with Him

There's no way around it. Breakups frigging suck. Being the person doing the breaking up can be very difficult. Here is your step-by-step guide to getting it done smooth and successfully, and coming out on top! tonight i'll be alright   Pre Break-Up pre-breakup 1. Be True to You - You wouldn't be considering breaking it off is something wasn't nagging you to do so. Trust your gut and don't second guess yourself. 2. Plan It Out - Friday is the ideal day to break-up. It means you can take the weekend to relax, recoup, watch Netflix or see friends and do whatever you need to recover. And he'll also have that time as well. Present Breaking Up 1. Start The Dialogue - The moment of truth is here, and the ball's in your court. Use the proper language. Be direct, and don't beat around the bush. "We need to break up" may sound like a harsh opener, but it is more effective than "So...there's been kind of a few things we should about with us and" 2. Don't Bring Up The Past - Frame your conversation positively, and if your partner begins ragging on old fights, keep calm and try to explain you want a respectful conversation. 3. It's Okay to Be Intimate - Not is a sexual way, but if you need to hold each other, hold each other. If you need to comfort each other, do so. You don't have to become strangers just because you're separating. Post Break-Up   1. Journal It - To ensure you can walk away healthy from your break up, make sure to journal your feelings about the situation. 2. Get Moving - Emotions can be released through exercise. You'd be surprised what a hike, run, gym sesh or swim can do to unleash your body's tension and stress, pain and anxiety. 3. Get You Focused - Ask yourself big, life affirming questions about what you really want in life. Again, keep your journal handy. Set up some fresh goals to achieve. This is your time! Tell us your personal stories of break-up survival! We would love to hear them!  

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