Breaking Research! Benefits of Milk for Babies In Utero

There have been numerous studies that have showed that women who drink milk during pregnancy tend to have babies who weigh more and grow taller. Now, a new study reveals that the health benefits of milk in utero could still be present in adulthood.

A team of scientists from Iceland, Denmark and the USA have been tracking a group of over 800 babies born between the years 1988 and 1989. The babies were measured for both height and weight at birth, and then were measured again 20 years later. The health benefits of milk in utero abounded.

It turns out that the children born to mothers who drank more than 150 millitres of milk during their pregnancies were taller than children born to women who drank less than that amount.

This same study also revealed that children born to Mom's who drank more moo juice also had higher levels of insulin, meaning that they are at a reduced risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Another study conducted by British scientists sound that mothers could boost their babies IQ by drinking milk, since it is iodine rich. Looks like the health benefits of milk (for those who do not have allergies) keep rolling in!


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