Breaking Tracy Anderson

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  However, this is not always the case. When we assume someone is competent simply because they look the part, even if their actions and words prove otherwise, we often find ourselves disappointed and duped in the end. Why? Because we tend to possess an unconscious bias that causes us to assume competency (or incompetency) based on what a person looks like, instead of what they know.  Charisma and appearances can get someone very far-until their methods are questioned. Sadly, it’s not uncommon and it happens a lot in fitness. Enter Tracy Anderson. A tiny, tan, blonde fitness “expert” to the stars. She preys on the insecurities and desires of women and tells them that if they follow her program, they can join her elite cult of uber petite women with “dancer” bodies. Anderson is the master of fitness buzzwords and gimmicks. She looks the part and sounds confident enough that if you don’t think about what she’s saying, you might believe that she holds the secrets to flat abs and a thigh gap. kettlebell-PV0813 Anderson claims that lifting any weight over three pounds will give you bulky muscles and that you can spot reduce fat in trouble zones and as for exercise and according to an article on W Magazine online, she recommends at least 90 minutes per day 6 times per week. She also  recommends eating as little as 500 calories per day until you reach your goal weight, which I suppose would work if you really really liked spinach.   1010-hip-extension-leg-curl     But, recently, Tracy Anderson has caused a stir with her words once again. In a recent interview with Life and Times, she says “Running is not good for [women]. Lifting weights over and over is not good for us. Overuse of your joints is not good. Compartmentalizing your muscles, making them bigger and bigger and bigger, is not good for us. This is not the animal we are meant to be.”  Dave Hargreaves, a personal trainer & owner of Lose Weight, No Bullshit blog recently argued, "Avoiding repetition? Why would that be good? You get better at something by doing it over and over again. You produce changes in your body composition by improving performance (strength, endurance) through repetition with increasing levels of resistance and / or effort.." He's got a point here. Practice makes perfect! Also, what is the point of an exercise if there are zero reps? Nada... Tracy goes on to say, "I did what it takes to create a real fitness method. I probably actually set a gold standard of what it takes to set a real fitness method. I did a five-year research study with 150 women and measured them every 10 days and I created original content and sequencing for each of them and navigated them." So what was Tracy supposedly measuring? Tracy says,"I wasn’t measuring BMI or typical measurements. I was measuring based on the idea of how to create balance where there is imbalance in the body. I told them everything they needed to do. They knew they were guinea pigs. They all transformed like Stepford wives." Stepford Wives? Tha' f*ck? Tracy then goes on to discuss her new men's fitness program: "Men want to be panthers. They want to be machines that function. Right now, it’s all about being ‘skinny ripped’ – you want to look good in a tailored suit. It’s important for men not to overdevelop." Since when did men want to start looking like pre-pubescent  little boys aka "panthers"? Why "skinny ripped?" We do not want to be "skinny fat" so why the hell would we want skinny ripped or skinny anything? When asked about the psychological approach to her "method," Tracy says:  "Our muscles and our brains are the only tools we have."  Wait... but didn't you say earlier that using out muscles and making them bigger and bigger was not what we were created to do? Hmmmm... I am sorry, but I call this bullshit! Tracy Anderson thinks a woman should “never lift anything heavier than 3lbs” then I am almost 100% sure that a lot of mothers out there should not be lifting their newborns! And from what I understand, Tracy does have children. I wonder who she gets to carry around her kids all day for her? Dave, a certified personal trainer, gives his point of view of the way women should exercise, "So how do I think women should train? Well it depends; are you training to be a frail, delicate little flower, or to be a bad ass motherf*cker who takes care of her own shit?" Ronda Rousey (below) comes to mind when I think about that statement. Who couldn't agree more than strong is definitely sexier than skinny. 66cf8ddb80fdd838a79a7a6d6cf9b717  

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