Breast Cancer and Exercise

new health study on preventative measures against breast cancer is good news for bodyrockers and other fit bits; just one hour of exercise a day can help prevent breast cancer, regardless of weight or age. Here are the main statistics:
  • Women who get an hour's exercise a day are 11% less likely to get disease
  • Exercising for longer increases protection against the cancer further
  • Exercise even protects against the most aggressive forms of the disease
It also seems to be a pretty extensive piece of research, looking at 37 different studies that included over 4 million women. Even if you’re getting into fitness habits later on in life, it is just as effective as those who start physical activity at a young age in regards to preventing breast cancer. The study suggests vigorous exercise, but states that even moderate exercise like walking or gardening has preventative powers. breastcancerexercise While the info doesn’t seem particularly new, it’s still nice that there is definitive evidence that physical activity has even more benefits than the obvious. Also, since the study mentions that working out benefits women regardless of age or weight, it’s clear that there is something about the actual act of physical activity rather than the result of weight loss that is responsible for fighting breast cancer. Since we’re on the topic of breast cancer anyway, I encourage people to get a breast exam, OR if you’re a doctor-aphobe, here is a helpful graphic of things to watch out for in regards to your girls: breasthealth

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