Breast Cancer Swimsuit Models

Elina Halttunen, PhD. and survivor of breast cancer wanted to create a swimsuit that fit her perfectly, being able to enjoy her body and feel normal. After making her own monokini, she enlisted the help of the Nutty Tarts designers, Vilma and Katriina, to develop an entire line of these monokinis for women just like Elina, who had gone through a mastectomy, beat back cancer, and just wanted to feel normal in their own bodies. breastcancerswimsuit5 breastcancerswimsuit2 Maybe it’s something about the shoulder pads, but this monokini kind of reminds me of MadMax Beyond Thunderdome – which is entirely fitting since she’s a total warrior. breastcancerswimsuit6 It totally reminds me of the episode of Drop Dead Diva where Grayson represents a model who’s contract was unlawfully terminated because they found out that she had breast cancer, and she stripped while taking the stand and they won their case because she was so beautiful even with her scar. I have been watching waaaaay too much Drop Dead Diva, but at least it’s relevant here, these women shouldn’t need to hide their scars, and they deserve swimwear that fits them well, and makes them feel beautiful. breastcancerswimsuit4 Vilma and Katriina loved working with Elina to design this line of swimwear, and on May 30th a crowdfunding effort to make these stylish swimsuits available to more people will be launching. breastcancerswimsuit

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