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Fear, That is the reaction I sense when the topic of a Mammogram arises. Most women try and avoid the discussion, I know I did. However, with an increasing amount of pain on one side I decided it was time to do it. One week prior and the fears started, the Dred, the anxiety and the bad dreams. All I could think about was how much my breast would be squished and how painful it would be.  The day of I was sweating like crazy, my husband drove me to the lab, in I went to the exam room and to my surprise it was over in less than 15 minutes and it was NOTHING, it was a breeze all that worry for nothing. Yes there was a lot of pressure, but that was it. I was told later by the technician that I even had maximum compression. So if I can do it - so can you. Also, please don't spread fear about the exam, instead support women you know and encourage them to get a mammogram - it could save their life. Here are some precautionary tips for breast health from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation found on their web site:

Taking Precautions For Your Breast Health

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation supports the use of the precautionary principle Precautionary principle (precautionary approach): An approach to preventing harm to human health and the environment when the scientific evidence is not conclusive. When we face scientific uncertainty, we have options and we can act. If we think there is potential for harm, we can choose to take preventive action now – this is what’s known as the precautionary principle. as a way to apply evolving breast cancer prevention evidence in our daily lives. By following the precautionary principle in your life, when scientific evidence is inconclusive you put your health first and err on the side of caution.

There are many practical actions and concrete steps we can take now to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. We encourage you to take precautions that put your health and the health of others first.

Explore this section to learn more about steps you can take to reduce your breast cancer risk:

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