Is Breastfeeding On The Toilet Unsanitary?

By now you've probably seen it. The Instagram pic of a mother breastfeeding while on the toilet. It's caused a huge uproar. If you are like the majority of people online, this photo stirred great emotion in you. After being picked up by the parenting blog, Life of Dad, the Facebook universe has weighed in. And the results are mixed: Now the experts tell us what's what. Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor of ob-gyn at Yale School of Medicine, says that feeding your baby in the bathroom, even a public one, isn't going to threaten your baby's health. To be affected, your baby would have to touch the germy surfaces and if you are feeding, more than likely, you baby is only touching you. "The act of going to the bathroom while feeding your baby isn't unhealthy for him [or her] because the germs from your bodily fluids aren't jumping out of the toilet," says Minkin. She reminds us that urine is actually sterile so it is more than okay to relieve your bladder with you baby on hand. Feces carries bacteria from our small intestine which can make your baby sick if you hand him/her after wiping but Minkin says if you thoroughly wash your hands, you should be fine. Minkin says that if your baby is hungry at the exact moment that you have to go, it's okay to breastfeed while you do it. BUT if there is someone around who can watch the baby while you do, it is best to hand him/her over especially if you are planning a number 2. Once again, she says that as long as you remember to wash your hands before handling the baby, you should be in the clear. Tell us what you think. Does this look like a typical morning at your house or do you still believe this to be unspeakably unsanitary? h/t: Women's Health  

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