Breathe Relax Repeat

I've been on vacation all week down in Minneapolis, MN! The coolest part of my trip was getting to do two things I've never done before!

One, was a YOGA class taught by my aunt right next to the MISSISSIPPI RIVER!  It was so quiet and peaceful with the water as our backround.

The second thing was a martial arts class. Also taught by my aunt, who is a master and her boyfriend, who is the Grand Master of martial arts and Kung Fu.The class was so cool! It actually went by too fast I thought! I learned so many awesome things in just one hour!

Even if you don't think you'd like a certain type of exercise, I very much recommend trying different types! You will gain so much information and it's great experience to have for yourself. Even if you still don't like it afterwards, at least you tried!

Yoga can be a tad bit slow paced for me but the class by the river was so peaceful! It is important to do slower paced activity too. It's good for us and it's good to relax and quiet the mind while doing exercise at the same time!


I encourage everyone to get out there and try something you've done before! You won't regret it!

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