Bring the Noise: 5 Minute Total Body BLAST #2!

Here we go again!! I need five minutes of your time and that is IT! You can add this at the end of your workout as a burnout, have it stand on it's own, Or even do it 3x or more for a longer HIIT workout! If you do plan to repeat it, take your break after the first round of 5 exercises. Did you catch my last 5 Minute Total Body burnout? Make sure you check that out for another alternative!  As with the last one, when I designed this, I went for total body exercises for each minute. With this routine, I focused a lot on the core as well. The goal here is that you work at or close to your max heart rate for each minute. With that said, go at your own pace. If you are  a beginner, start off slow. You can also shoot for 30 seconds of each exercise and repeat them 2x thru for the 5 total minutes. I did NOT take any breaks during the 5 minutes, but if you need to, do so. If you don’t, you can always rest AFTER the round, before starting a new one. The video below demonstrates each exercise if you are unfamiliar with them. There are a couple different moves within each exercise. Put on your favorite music, grab a towel, drink plenty of water and have a go!


1 minute for each exercise combo, 5 minutes total. You can repeat 3x or more for a longer HIIT calorie torching workout!
  1.  Push Up + Sit Back (make sure your knees DO NOT touch the floor on the sit back)
  2. 4 Skater Lunges + 4 Jump Squats (I went a little narrower than usual on these in my stance)
  3. Push Up + Side Kick Through (keep your core engaged throughout the move)
  4. 4 Plie Jump Squats + 4 Donkey Kicks (try to get your feet to come as close to your booty as possible)
  5. Alternating one leg Low Push Up HOLD (I held each push up for 4-6 seconds)

Go to your knees only when you physically can't do another on your toes. Keep the weight in your heals and don't let those knees go beyond the toes when squatting. Start off slow if your a beginner and work your way up. Remember beginners, if 60 seconds is too long for you, cut it to 30 seconds. You will work your way up to the minute! Challenge yourselves. Keep your form spot on and do not sacrifice form.

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