Bring the Olympics to Your Office With These Fun Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

Wishing you were at the Olympics instead of your desk job? Wouldn't we all love it if our job was to be active? Or if we had enough time and money to travel to Russia to watch the games? If you're busy grinding away at your 9-5 I have a great way to turn your desk job into something more active and fun... as long as you're not afraid to look a little silly :) Read on to see how you can bring the Olympics to your office and sneak some exercise into your day!

Set up your teams

The first step is to get some coworkers in on the action. Set up teams of two or more. You could even have different departments compete against each other.

Pick your event

If you have a lot of people, you can have teams of 4 and each team member will compete in one event. If you have less people, each team member can compete in all events. The possibilities are endless! Here are the competition areas:

Desk event

  • Chair dips
  • Desk push ups
  • Chair knee tucks
How many dips, push ups, and knee tucks can you get in while at your desk getting your work done?

Hallway event

  • Walking lunges to wherever you need to get to
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator (I work on the 15th floor, so maybe I'll just be taking the stairs down after work)
How many lunges and stairs can you fit into your day each time you have to go to a meeting, the bathroom, or the lunch room?

Elevator event

  • Anti-gravity jump lunges
  • Wall sits
How many jump lunges can you get in before the elevator gets to your floor? How long can you hold a wall sit for?

Bathroom event

  • Stall squats
  • High knees
How many squats or knee highs can you get in each time you go to the bathroom?   See which team can sneak in the most exercise during the day (while also getting your job done), and be sure to have an awards ceremony at the end of the week... or a happy hour get together, whichever you prefer :)   :) Pamela   Photo by: Jamie Watason

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