Bring The Pain! Timed Rep Challenge *WORKOUT*

Here comes another timed rep challenge! Did you catch my first DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT challenge? Make sure you get to it! As with my first challenge, this circuit will be timed, but it's also a rep workout. You perform a certain amount of reps for a pair of exercises for 4 minutes, then take a 40 second rest. I use this format a lot in my boot camp classes and the people seems to love it! The 40 seconds may seem like a long time rest for some, but after the 4 minutes of work, you will need it! IMG_0591For this workout, you will need a sandbag and an equalizer. For the sandbag you can use dumbbells. As always, if you are just starting off, you can use just bodyweight as well! In place of the equalizer, you can always try pull ups under a dining room table (as I have done in the past, SEE PHOTO!), or even a bent over row with dumbbells or a bar. For the dips without an equalizer, you can do tricep dips off a bench/chair, or even put the backs of 2 chairs or barstools together and do them that way. If you go the chair route, be mindful that if not careful furniture can move, so try and perform on a non slip surface!  


Shoot for 2x thru! I go through one full round with you below! 4 Minutes - 12x Squat Thrust + Clean/Press with sandbag PLUS 12x reverse pull up on Equalizer REPEAT TILL TIME - THEN 40 SECONDS REST 4 Minutes - 12x 2 Bicep Curls with Sandbag + 2 Curtsy Lunges PLUS 12x In/Out Abs + Push up off Equalizer REPEAT TILL TIME - THEN 40 SECONDS REST 4 Minutes - 12x 2 Jump Lunges + 2 Front Raises with Sandbag PLUS 12x 2 Dips off Equalizer + 2 Tuck Jumps REPEAT TILL TIME - THEN 40 SECONDS REST Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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