Britney Spears Is Looking Fabulous! Is Meditation Her Secret To Weightloss Success?

Britney Spears has battled her weight over the years, she is human. But over the last few months, we've seen evidence that Britney has been working hard to be fit, toned and healthy. Spears has been working out and eating healthy but has reportedly also been using a mediation app to help manage her stress and her weight. A source said: "Britney has always struggled with anxiety. Learning to meditate, relax her mind and body and have happy thoughts has made her change dramatically... She lives in the moment more and, instead of moaning about working out, she looks forward to it, revealing the endorphins make her think 'happy thoughts.'" She's gone from a size 12 to an 8-10! Psychiatrist, Dr Eric Johnson-Sabine, says this isn't a far flung concept. "Mindfulness is an incredibly useful tool; it helps with stress reduction and directing attention to immediate experience in the present," he said. "In this way it can be used by patients to make good food choices and bring their focus to the process of eating. It is a useful technique that is commonly used as part of a more comprehensive psychological treatment for obesity - and whilst it can be an important part of treatment, it still is by no means a solution." People can overeat when they are stressed or emotional and Britney has certainly had enough stress and emotional upheaval in her past that it makes sense she would look to find a 'real' way to manage it. Stress raises cortisol levels and cortisol can contribute to belly fat. Reducing stress, can reduce belly fat. Being mindful can prevent over eating. Sounds like a winning combination to me! And it is CLEARLY a winning combination for Britney Spears. Do you buy this as part of her solution? Would you try mediation to aid your weightloss? Have you tried it? Source: Daily Mail  

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