Britney's Tired B*tch

A recent daily mail article asks, “what’s happening to Britney?” – oh god, her skin tone is uneven, and are those hints of bags under her eyes? Whatever could be causing this terrible affliction? God forbid a celebrity displays any type of human failing, such as fatigue. britneytired OF COURSE she looks tired – she probably is. She’s doing a Vegas show for goodness sakes. It’s a 90 minute show that she performs almost daily, and she is dancing the entire time. I’d get tired just watching one of her shows. Which, actually, I’d really like to do; personal confession: Work B*tch is my new jam. britneyspears-600x400 On a related note, can gossip mags please stop judging celebrities who wear sweatpants in public? I don’t know if this is a new trend, or if I’m just reading more celebrity magazines these days, but Britney Spears, Amy Adams, and Ellen Page are among the many stars that have been called out for dressing comfy in public. Let's stop the sweats-shaming. Maybe they didn’t want to get dressed up to grab a coffee. What do you wear when you’re headed to the gym? Armani? Britney-Spears-

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