Brussels Sprout Chips

6 to 8 Brussels Sprouts


3TBL to 1/4C Olive oil depending on how many brussels sprouts used. Less is better you can always add. I used garlic olive oil** IMG_6812 1/2tsp sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, herbs de provence, and oregano. Feel free to add in more herbs that you love, parsley and thyme would be great additions. Excluding the sea salt the rest of the seasonings are to taste. I would add in more garlic powder if using regular olive oil. IMG_6814 Mix all seasonings and olive oil together. Wash, Dry, and peel off outer leaves of brussels sprouts. Once you have peeled leaves from all 8 or so of the brussels sprouts your using, place all leaves in the herbed olive oil mixture and toss to coat. Place coated leaves on a foil lined baking sheet. Separate each leaf so that they bake evenly. Bake 410F for 8 min. I like mine a little crispy around the edges, if you are a person who hates all things burnt, watch your brussels chips carefully to make sure they do not burn. But please give some crispy ones a try, even my husband was surprised at how yummy these veggie chips tasted even with crispy edges!


  ** warning. I started out doing about 6 brussels sprouts, I now make 10 or more. The leaves seem like a lot when mixing them in the olive oil but once cooked they shrink down and do not seem like there are as many. Also if you cant see wasting the small inner part of the brussels that I have not used here you can cut them in half and coat with the leaves. They too are very tasty!  

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