Building Your Dream Body Principle 1: Adaptation Principle

Every day, day in and day out, you put on your best gym clothes, strap on your new tennis shoes and head out to your local gym with the intentions of burning fat and achieving the body of your dreams.  Most women have a general idea of what they want to look like… actually, most women have the EXACT image of the body they want either in their head, on their phone or pinned on Pinterest.  The problem is that you don’t know how to execute the right workout to get you to that place.  You go to the gym, get on the treadmill or the elliptical and run….. Sometimes for hours.  You then proceed home to eat your low fat, bland tasting dinner that is right at 500 calories so that you are staying within your 1200 calorie limit for the day.  You do this same routine every day, and yet you are not seeing the results you want.  So what gives? It is the same as the guy in the picture.  He didn't get that big working out with those small weights he is hoisting. He had to improve. In athletics there are seven principles of sport and exercise training.  You must understand each of them to overcome the dreaded plateau effect and keep making forward progress.  The one I will focus on in this article is the Adaptation Principle. Over time the body becomes accustomed to exercising at a given level. This adaptation results in improved efficiency, less effort and less muscle breakdown at that level. That is why the first time you ran two miles you were sore after, but now it’s just a warm up for your main workout. This is why you must change your routine up to continue improvements.  This can be varying the intensity of your run on the treadmill by incorporating HIIT into your workout or beginning to run longer distances than just the same 2 miles you do every day.  We all know that HIIT workouts have been proven to increase fat burning and burn calories longer throughout the day but many don’t know that you can incorporate HIIT into your treadmill workout.  Below is a starter workout to help you change up your routine and kick your fat burning into overdrive. In addition, you must eat for the body you want.  This means that you have to stop focusing on the magic 1200 calorie limit.  This magical number, imposed by a society with no background in personal training, is actually the lowest limit your body can survive on without starvation.  This means that you are most likely eating too little and are actually STORING fat instead of burning it.  You can use the basic calculator to determine your daily caloric requirements here. So, change up your routine, eat for the body you want, and get plenty of rest at night and soon you will see the results you have embedded in your mind.


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