Building your dream body: Principle 4 Specificity

The best way to build your dream body is to set a goal and keep that in mind throughout your training.  It can be a picture of a person whose body you strive for, it could be a race that you are going to train for, or even a pant size that you would like to fit in.  Whatever your goal is you have to set up a plan to be able to reach the finish line.  In addition to that you have to determine the appropriate training for that goal.  This is where the fourth principle, Specificity, comes in.  In order to improve your ability in a sport your training must be specific to that goal. Let’s suppose your goal is to run a half marathon in 12 weeks. Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout and will improve your endurance for the big race you are training for, but it will not help develop the tissue resiliency you will need for your legs.  It will also not help develop muscular endurance which you will need at the end of your race to get you past the last hump. The same rule can apply for weight loss.  Your calories, macro-nutrients, and fitness routine must be specific to that of a person seeking to lose weight.  If you follow the same diet as a friend who is now in the muscle building phase of their workouts then you are likely to over-eat due to the different requirements nutritionally needed to build muscle. The best advice is to find a set a goal, find a plan, and stick to that specific plan for at least 12 weeks.  The easiest way to fail is to keep jumping from plan to plan just because it is the “it” plan for right now.  You should have a plan that is specific to you and your goals not the goals of the masses.  


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