Building your dream body: Principle 5 Progression

Progression can mean many things in the fitness industry.  It can be as simple as lifting a little more weight the next week at the gym, running an extra mile the next week at the track or finally holding that advance Yoga pose.  The main point is that you have to first make the climb to the top of the mountain before you plant your flag. Henry Ford once said "If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself" For this example I am going to focus on distance running.  When I began running two years ago I couldn't even make it 200 meters before I was exhausted, out of breath and frustrated.  I kept trying to run faster, harder, longer each time, but I couldn’t quite get the hang of it and every day I left frustrated. I realized quickly that I wasn’t making any progress because I didn’t know how to gauge my progress.  That is when I started keeping a journal and a chart.  I decided I would run 5 days a week and would alternate between walking and running for 30 minutes each day.  Every day I would increase the time spent running and decrease the time spent walking until eventually I was able to run a mile.  Over the course of that first year running I was able to go from walking to running my first half-marathon right after my 35th birthday! This type of progression can apply to any type of training routine.  Powerlifters use a similar progression to add weight and reps to their lift every month.  Bodybuilders use it to increase muscle mass throughout the year for a show and swimmers use it to increase speed and distance in their races.  For the best results in any program you just need an adequate way to keep track of progress.  This ensures that you will always be making forward strides and helps prevent setbacks! Currently I use fitbook (which you can find here).  It was created by Angela Mader as a means to encourage others to embrace a healthy lifestyle and take a positive approach to reaching goals.  It is a great way to track progress over 12 weeks and includes a food journal and a weekly goal page.  It has greatly impacted my ability to keep track of my forward progression over the year! fitbook1 Specificity Principle

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