Building your dream body: Principle 7 Reversibility

The old saying  “Use it or lose it” holds true especially in the fitness world.  Just as if you were a gymnast and you do not practice your flexibility;  if you are a runner, and you stop running, you will soon lose the ability to complete that task.  Your muscles begin to atrophy and the cellular adaptions like increased capillaries and the mitochondria density will reverse.  Again, this is just a fancy way of saying you will lose your ability to run the same distance or squat the same amount of weight you did before. One way to avoid this lapse is to perform a maintenance routine.  This is what professional athletes do in the off-season to avoid losing the ability to throw a football, hit a baseball, or run the bases.  Instead of doing the same workout they do during the season they perform a simpler routine that keeps their muscle memory fresh and avoids reversibility. So, when life throws you a curve ball and you can’t train like you were previously incorporate a simple total body exercise that will keep your muscles guessing.  Below is a  simple routine that I like to do 3 times a week that hits all the major muscle groups.
  • Push-up to row
    • See video below
  • Squat to overhead press
    • Squat down with two dumbbells at shoulder height. When lowering yourself down into a squat push the dumbbells up into an overhead press
  • Walking Lunges while doing curls
    • Using two dumbbells perform walking lunges while doing dumbbell curls
  • Overhead dumbbell sumo squat with tricep extension
    • Hold two dumbbells overhead while you stand with your feet wide apart toes slightly pointed out. When you lower yourself into the squat perform tricep extensions with your arms overhead.  Straighten your arms out as you raise up.[embed][/embed] Principle 4: Specificity Principle 5: Progression Principle 6: Recovery

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