Have you ever been so stressed out that you don't even want to pick yourself up off the couch and do anything let alone a workout?  I have felt that kind of stress lately having a loved one who is very ill.  I have two small children, a husband, and a household to care for, so keeping it all together has been challenging.  The one thing that has helped me along the way has been my workouts.  You have to EXHAUST anxiety and stress.  It may be the furthest thing from your mind, but once you throw on your workout clothes and some tennis shoes, make it happen and you won't be disappointed.  I have put this workout together specifically to help get rid of anxiety and relieve some stress.


This is a High Intensity Interval Training workout focusing on your arms and glutes.  It is done in Real Time so you can do it along with me!  This was VERY hard for me to get through, but I wanted to push myself to the limit.  The point is to motivate you to do the same.  You will see me power through it, struggle along the way, even stop for a quick moment, but I didn't give up.  I even growled one time and didn't know I did that until I edited this video! :-)

This workout is divided into 2 parts and will only take you about 22 minutes to complete.  The only things you will need are your interval timer, a chair, a mat, and a sandbag (or any type of weights).

If I can do it, you can do it!!!


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