Burn Body Fat With A Berried Up In Here Smoothie!

Talk about being berry good! This refreshing smoothie from Blendtec is the best way to keep yourself focused, energized and healthy. Not to mention this tasty blend crushes cravings and sheds pounds! fresh fruit health benefits Strawberries are known as the ‘queen of fruits’ for a very good reason. They burn away stored fat, helping you slim down as you indulge. To keep fat off, these little red berries keep blood oxygenated and pumping throughout your body which prevents excess weight from hanging around. They have been known to lower your risk of bone fracture, heart disease, stroke, esophageal cancer and memory loss. Adding in the high fibre content of raspberries keeps your digestive system running smoothly and keeps you feeling full for longer, crushing junk food cravings all day long. Lastly, blueberries torch abdominal fat! These highly pigmented powerhouses can help rework your genetic predisposition to carrying excess belly bulge and storing unwanted fat. People who include blueberries in their diet have slimmer, more toned tummies and higher metabolisms according to the latest nutritional research. Ok, it’s time to learn how to make your own belly busting, anti-cancer Berry Up In Here Smoothie. Start by adding these ingredients into your Blendtec. 11⁄4   cups apple juice 1   cup frozen strawberries 1⁄2   cup frozen raspberries 1⁄2   cup frozen blueberries Simply select ‘Smoothie’ or blend for around one minute until smooth. Now you have a fresh, luscious, fortified mix that you can enjoy anytime of day. Give this delicious recipe a try and let us know what you think!

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