Burn Calories and Clean Your House

How many here can say they LOVE to clean their house? You may love to have a clean house, but the process of getting it clean may not be your favourite. We'd all rather hit the gym, take a nap, cook a meal, or read a book rather than clean!   But why not include your weekly cleaning into your workout? Every time you clean your house, you burn calories:
  • 30 minutes of dinner prep burns around 80 calories.
  • 30 minutes of loading the dishwasher burns around 105 calories.
  • 30 minutes of pulling weeds burns around 115 calories.
  • 30 minutes of making beds burns around 130 calories.
  • 30 minutes of washing the car burns around 145 calories.
  • 30 minutes of decorating or painting your house burns around 160 calories.
  • 30 minutes of hauling shopping bags into the house burns around 200 calories.
  • 30 minutes of raking leaves or sweeping and mopping your house burns around 225 calories.
  • 30 minutes of going up and down the stairs (without loads of laundry or boxes for the attic) burns around 285 calories.
  • 30 minutes of digging in your garden or backyard burns around 315 calories.
Yes, you may not LOVE cleaning your house, but you can get a pretty decent workout every time you clean your house! Source: Daily Mail Featured Image: Life Hack
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