Burn It Off - Lean It Out.

Hi BodyRockers, These HIIT workouts incinerate fat and build lean, toned muscle. They have been designed to work anywhere. If you can spread your arms out to either side you have enough space to do them. The motivation is built in. Just like tens of thousands of other BodyRockers out there you will see incredible results if you train from the heart each day. Yes it's playfully sexy. No it's not for everyone. The people that get it and see our style as inspirational know that this comes from a truly positive well meaning place. We share our lives with you because we believe that training with a friend who cares brings the best results. We are in this 110% with you. We are going to continue to be who we are.  For those that are onboard with us - who are excited to give it a go - we will show up in the living room and train with you from the heart everyday helping you make those changes happen 12 minutes at a time. It's time to work off those Halloween Treats. Make sure you come by and see the new addition coming to the BodyRock family on our FaceBook. Best, Freddy. Workout Video: Workout Breakdown: Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times. or For those Hardcore BodyRockers out there ... Complete this as a couplet workout. Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest & complete each couplet 3 times through. . The Workout: 1. Sit Ups Elbows To Knees 2. Half Burpee 1 Push Up 3. Squat and Press Using the Sandbag 4. Knee "Lift" Up Abs 5. Curl and Press using Power Blocks 6. Tricep Dips using the Equalizer . Beginner Modifications: .

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