What Do You Have To Do To Burn Off Your Favourite Summer Foods?

Summer is an exciting time for food. Beautiful seasonal produce, BQQs, cottages, picnics, ball games. You name it, summer has it. But don't let your excitement over the food sabotage your fitness efforts. Here is the amount of activity required to burn off the calories you are so gleefully consuming. Before we begin, these numbers are all based on an average, 155 pound person so don't read this as gospel. It may take you more work, it may take you less.

Main Attractions:

1 bacon cheeseburger = 620 calories = 2 hours playing golf (walking and carrying clubs) 1 medium lobster roll = 500 calories = 1 hour swimming 1 corn dog = 250 calories = 30 minutes singles tennis 2 pieces fried chicken (breast + drumstick) = 555 calories = 2 hours vigorous yardwork

Summer Sides:

One 5-ounce serving macaroni salad = 290 calories = 45 minutes basketball 1 medium order french fries = 380 calories = 40 minutes rowing

Refreshing Beverages:

1 small pina colada (8 fluid ounces) = 430 calories = 50 minutes biking at 12 mph Sweet tea (16 fluid ounces) = 120 calories = 15 minutes beach volleyball

Sweet Treats:

1 double scoop chocolate ice cream = 340 calories = 30 minutes running at 6 mph 1 slice peach pie = 260 calories = 20 minutes jumping rope

Damage Control:

You can use this tips to keep the damage to a minimum!
  • Walk to the beach or hop in a kayak; choose outdoor activities where you can get some exercise.
  • Don’t forget the fruits and veggies — always include fresh summer produce for meals and party spreads.
  • Sip smart: Beat the heat with water and other calorie-free options instead of drinks high in sugar and alcohol.
Keep all of this in mind before you tuck into those goodies in the cooler! But also remember this: summer means you can have a great time while burning calorie! Three cheers for sunshine! How do you keep things in check in the summer?    

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