The Business Tycoon and the Ex-Supermodel: 30 Years Apart

On the sands of Malindi, Kenya, paparazzi caught images over days of Flavio Briatore and his model wife Elisabetta Gregoraci and their young son, Falco.  It wouldn't be worth much of a mention until the age difference comes out.  Flavio is a 63 year-old former Formula One tycoon and Elisabetta is a 33 year-old former model made famous by the WonderBra campaign. article-0-1A38FB4800000578-570_634x953 A DailyMail article fawned over Elisabetta's perfect figure and the fashion forward beach wear she wore.  But it didn't stop there.  They comment multiple times on how Flavio couldn't keep his hands off his wife, pointing out his grey hair, ample "girth", and boring swimming trunks all the while pointing out Elisabetta's perfectly toned figure. article-2526846-1A37212200000578-874_634x566 It provokes a subtle undertone of disdain and distrust in a relationship that by all outward markers seems to be a genuine love between two people.  So why is it that we automatically assume that relationships like this are just about money? Is it possible that there is a broader exchange taking place? Do older men have more stability to offer? Young women being attracted to older men is nothing new and in the past many relationships have been about money.  Or at least they appeared to be.  On the other hand it's much like the "cougar" phenomenon-younger men attracted to older women because of their experience, stability, and emotional maturity.  In short-an older partner means a lot of the drama that comes with a younger partner is gone.  In that sense older men (and women) do have more stability to offer.  In general they are more settled in their career and life, looking for a woman to bring fun and youth into their life. article-2526846-1A37216E00000578-68_634x575 So whether or not a former model with a six pack can love a 63 year-old man with "extra girth" is none of anyone's concern.  It is the prejudice inherent in our own culture that brings us to believe that beautiful people love and marry beautiful people.  If by some crazy chance they don't marry someone beautiful it must be for nefarious purposes like the love of money.  Maybe some of us are just a little less shallow than the rest of the world...

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