Bust Laziness - 4 Ways to Ensure That You Work Out Every Day

We have all had "one of those days". The kind of day when you wake up with zero energy and zero desire to even leave the comfort of your bed. Most likely you have the best intentions of waking before the alarm, making a nutritious smoothie and going for a run as the sun rises. But in reality you hit the snooze, dragged yourself to the kitchen with just enough energy to grab a leftover pizza slice and slumped down on to the couch to surf the web before getting ready for work. The truth is, these kind of days happen to everyone. From fitness gurus to the habitual gym goer, everyone has off days. There are effective ways to break out of these slumps and it begins with changing a few key habits. 1) Plan ahead. Dedicate one day a week to planning out your weekly workout schedule. Mark it on a big calender and set alerts on your phone. Sticking to a routine can be challenging at first, but soon your mind and body will fall into the rhythm. 2) Take a fitness break. No time to work out before heading to work? Bring your gear along and go for a run or hit the gym while on your lunch break. Take five and run up a few flights of stairs. This is a great way to get your heart pumping and burn calories and it can be done anywhere. 5db5zDF8I6ncfiFfrFxpwwhjE40yz6Vt41_ElCiSdAw 3) Change your mood. Sometimes simple changes can have a major effect on your mood. Switch up your sweatpants for some tighter fitting leggings, take a hot shower to release endorphins, eat some fresh fruit, stretch, turn on an upbeat playlist and get yourself moving. You will find yourself feeling both physical and mentally ready for your workout. 4) Don't be too hard on yourself. Feeling guilty about missing a day or two can do more harm than good. Your body needs rest and being accepting of that fact keeps you in a balanced state of mind. Motivation is something that we all occasionally need help with. What tips do you have to share?      

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