Busting Out the Truth on Exercise Misconceptions

Exercise is an important part of living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. And whether you're the type of person that does it just to blow off some steam, because you genuinely enjoy it, or because you know it's good for you and you're trying to slim down, there are so many forms to take part in. But, often times, we get biased on our routines. Maybe we're just used to one type and don't want to bother with trying anything new. Perhaps we've found a workout that actually works to help lose weight. Then there's those of us who want to try the newest trend because it's fun to mix it up, and we're fitness fanatics who can't be bogged down by too much routine. Whatever the case, we're constantly being told by outside sources that one thing is better than the other. And sometimes, that that one thing we actually like isn't doing us any good. Really? Running makes you fat?! There are so many misconceptions to exercise. Rutgers exercise scientist Shawn Arent gives us some insight on two of the biggest ones: 1. Lifting weights makes you bulk up. "I think one [misconception] is if you lift weights you'll get big and bulky," Arent says. "It's just not true; you get so many health benefits from it. Women in particular tend to say. 'oh I don't want to  get that big.' You don't have the hormones to support getting that big. And especially if you're doing a lot of aerobic exercise, it's not going to happen. You're not going to get that big and bulky ..." 2. Cardio is bad for you. "It's almost like cardio has become the carbs of the fitness world ... like it was 'don't eat carbs they're bad for you,' and all the sudden it's like 'don't do cardio.' Cardio is good for you! And this is coming from somebody who doesn't like to do cardio. I'm more on the power and strength side — bodybuilding and stuff, that's me. But cardio's important, and cardio has a lot of health benefits." Now that you know these things are definitely assets to your fitness regime, why not follow a program that combines the two? For over 115 hours of real time, on demand, workouts check out SweatFlix℠! Covering everyone from beginner to advanced, and with new content being added every week, you'll never find yourself bored or in a workout rut! Let us help you reach your potential! What common exercise misconceptions have you heard? Source: Tech Insider  

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