Is that Cake Even Worth it?

Perusing Pinterest you can run into a lot of crazy little fitness/health memes. Some are good, some not so good. Like one that said you won't remember how that cookie tasted in 6 months but you'll be able to still see it on you. Now what's wrong with that picture? First of all, cupcakes, cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream...they are all delicious. And addicting. We all know that. But one cookie or one slice of cake as a treat will not be sitting on your thighs or your waist in six months staring at you in the mirror. All to often we are caught up in the minutia of our diets and our lives and we forget to look at the big picture.  When we are facing weeks of binge eating or drinking and a total lack of working out-then yes those choices will stick with you. That slice of cake at your sister's graduation party or the wedding this summer-no its not going to derail your proper diet train. There are instances when that cake is worth it and there are times when its not.  The trick is to see the difference between the two. At the end of your life when you are lying in your bed, surrounded by loved ones, it won't be that slice of cake or the six pack abs you had that you're thinking about. It will be the people. You'll think of every moment you spent with them and the way in which they made your life better. Maybe you'll even remember sharing all those Christmases and Thanksgivings when the conversation flowed as freely as the wine. So no, you won't remember the cake. And unless you die from an obesity related illness, you also won't be thinking about all the veggies you ate and how you never missed a workout. Life is about living.  Its about taking care of yourself in order to live and to have relationships and to travel the world. A healthy lifestyle is much the same as a enables us to do what we love and to be with the ones that we love. We work to live, we don't live to work. So relax, take care of your body, and live and enjoy the world.

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