You Had Me At Cake….One Minute to Bliss!

I am all about easy shortcuts to amazing eats. I love food and nibbling but have hardly any time (or patience in that matter) to do it. This will be a trend you see in any food posts I have. If it’s quick and easy and doesn’t take too many ingredients, I am sold!   I figured out how to make these little amazing cake/brownies back when I first started my competition prep. To this day they often still make up my last meal of the day which, to my boyfriend’s dismay, is often eaten in bed in front of the TV….that being said he is never reluctant to ask for a bite.   Ingredients: 1 scoop of your favorite flavored protein powder (*) Water  

That’s it … how you ask?

  1. Add scoop of protein powder to a microwavable bowl or mug
  2. Slowly add water while mixing (I run the tap at the lowest possible level) until the protein pwoder gets to a thick batter like consistency
  3. Plunk into microwave for an average of 40-45 seconds. The key here is finding the “sweet spot” for your specific protein powder and microwave. I watch through the window to see the fluff factor and to make sure it looks cooked, my sweet spot being about 43 seconds.
  4. Take out and enjoy
  5. I also top it with a tbsp. of coconut oil to get in my good fat requirement for the day. In the past I have also added jam or peanut butter to the top – the possibilities are endless
(*) I tend to go for flavors that mimic cake or brownies. You will find different protein powders fluff up at different levels. My favorites are Optimum Nutrition Vanilla or Chocolate or Cellulor Peanut Butter Marshmallow   I like the ease of the above, with no additional ingredients. It may not look pretty but it sure tastes incredible! That being said there are a lot of different things you can add to this depending on your craving, nutrition restrictions or requirements.   Some more ideas for additional ingredients: -          Chia Seeds -          Almonds -          PB2 Powder -          Egg Whites (for more fluff and protein) -          Cinammon -          Mashed banana

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