Calculate Your Basic Caloric Needs

So you workout hard and things just don't seem to be changing - do you feel like you are in a rut and have hit a plateau?  Check your diet, because this could be a huge reason you aren't seeing the results you want.  Not all of our goals are different - maybe you are looking to lose weight or maybe you are looking to build up lean muscles.  Both of these results are achieved through diet and exercise and making sure your daily calorie requirements are where they need to be.  A general rule of thumb for those looking to lose weight is to create a slow deficit in the amount of calories you consume, while if building muscle is your goal, you will need to increase the amount of calories you consume (the right foods of course).  If maintenance is your goal, are you consuming as many calories as you need to meet your Basal Metabolic Rate? Here is a calorie calculator that you can use to give you a better understanding of where you might need to be. I decided to test this out using my Polar Heart Rate monitor to see if I came close to my BMR recommendation of 1396 calories daily for maintenance.  My calorie recommendations for 5 days/week intense exercise were 2286 to maintain and 1828 for fat loss. On the day I tested this out I did NOT do much for activity and PS....I have never been so happy to remove this chest strap...haha!  I strapped up and rode the Polar Express for roughly 12 hours and 40 minutes. In that time I burned 1269 calories. My average heart rate was 76, lowest that I noticed was 51, and the highest was 149. SO...maybe the results aren't shocking, but this is about what I expected. I have a relatively low resting heart rate and when I work out it generally doesn't get above 172, and this is my pushing super hard, barely breathing max. Normally it is between 140-160 during an average training session.  Now, what else does this tell me? My calorie intake needs to be between 1800-2000 calories a day to maintain, probably higher because I am not accounting for sleep and the additional time I wasn't wearing the monitor. Finally, I want you to remember that these are my results and by no means something that you need to do, or benchmarks of where you need to be. We are all different and each of our daily caloric requirements are different, as are our heart rates, etc. At the end of they day this was just a fun experiment I wanted to try on my rest day and I think I came pretty close to what the calculator suggested.   IMG_8577   Interested in this watch? Find them here: POLAR or here AMAZON

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