Calm down, calm down, it's only a race - eeek!

Hello again,

I just wanted to share with you all what I will be doing this weekend. This Saturday 13th July at 9:45am to be exact! Duration unknown - but I'd really like a duration of approximately 2 hours 29mins which would give me a new personal best! :)

Anyway, this weekend I will be competing at the British Triathlon Championships in Liverpool. This is a big race for me as not only is it the British Champs, it's also the last World Triathlon Championship qualifier race. And where are the World champs this year? Only on the Olympic Hyde Park course!!! :)

Every man and his dog wants to race in London in GB kit - the competition is immense and I'm going to have to have the race of my life to get a slot  - and that's just a roll down slot!

Last month I raced in Turkey at the European Triathlon Champs. It was a great event but I didn't have my best swim, and definitely not my best run! Personal best on the bike though! Yay! (High fives all round) :)

All in all, Turkey was quite uneventful for me and since then I have been focusing on run training and I am already seeing very promising results. Over the past month I have been running hard, so hard my legs give way when I finish, and sometimes even before I finish. I have nearly veered off into a hedge or field several times while running as my body and legs try to give up. One thing that gets me through and keeps me pushing is my dogged determination to improve - my head wont let my body give up - no way not ever.

Sometimes going back to basics brings the best results - run fast in training and you'll run fast when racing - simples!

Sometimes it's about learning to endure or even accept the pain of sustained high intensity effort and that's when practice makes perfect! Practice running a hard 10k three times a week and you will soon learn - trust me! :)

Well then, I'm ready and raring to go give these new running legs a whirl - wish me luck and keep everything crossed :)

Kat x


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