Calorie Counting vs. Activity Counting

Do you feel like all you think about is what you've eaten and when and when you need to eat again?  Do you set your alarm to go off every 2.5-3 hours as a reminder?  Is your thought always about food?  The beginning of the year, I decided not to focus on food and eating every 2 hours or so.  I stopped counting my calories.  Instead, I started to eat smaller portions.  To guide myself with the amount that seemed to work for me, was to use a salad plate.  I only eat now when I'm hungry.  For me, there's much to be said for intuitive eating.  What I saw was a break in my plateau.   I try to eat typically the same 2-3 meals for breakfast.  Meaning, I wouldn't change much what I ate.  Lunch and dinner, and if I get hungry for a snack in between, I will switch it up.  The one thing that I really try to keep the same is the portion size.  Most always, I would have a lean protein with some carbs.  Both about the size of my open palm.

We know that weight loss is at least 70% nutrition.  It's also important and vital to move.  I found that I wasn't moving enough throughout the day after I did my workout.  It's not enough just to do a 15-20 min workout and then sit the rest of the day.  Using my activity device, I realized that I was too sedentary.  Make sure you're moving and getting at least 10K steps in per day

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