What Can 100 Days Do?

It's hard to find the motivation to get going. What's even harder is is to find the motivation to keep going. But, if you can keep the momentum, you can accomplish just about anything. That's the idea behind 100. Change occurs so gradually that most of the time we don't realize how far we've come. It's only when we look back at our starting point that we see the progress we've made. 100 is a place to track and monitor your progress to give you that motivation to keep going. LaKeisha Shurn took the 100 challenge and went to the gym every day for 100 days. See how she transformed not just her body, but her self image as well.  

What will you accomplish in 100 days?

  Not ready for 100 days? How about 30? readu?   Photo by Mike Poresky is licensed under CC BY 2.0    

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